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how to get NPSH3 curves for pump´s models

Question asked by Michal Heliks on Feb 2, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by Jared Conway

I wish good day

I would like to ask, if someone tried to solve NPSH problems in centrifugal pums in SLDWRK-FL?. I need to get curves for derermination NPSH3. (normally I set conditions „Q“ for inlet and „p“ for outlet – everything work ok.), but for this case, I must set presure as inlet condition (for decreasing the inlet presure) and volume flow condition for outlet and here is the problem. It seems that it works, but if you check the goals then you´l see inlet volume is „for examle 160l/s“ (is the value what I want), but outlet Q is 0,008 l/s and everthing is green and ok by the SW. It doesn´t recognize the volume flow diference between inlet and outlet. I can´t find the way how to solve pump´s model with „p“ as inlet condition. Is possible to solve it in this way at all?


Thanks for advice.