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PDMw Documentation - Features

Question asked by Rick McDonald on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2013 by Rick McDonald

I am trying to get more information on Workgroup PDM.

I work in a small company and, while ePDM would be nice it is way overkill for this company - even for the foreseeable future.

There is a lot of information on ePDM but very little on PDMW.

We are using SW2012 standard (6 seats) so we will need to upgrade to Pro, or get PDMW as a standalone or get ePDM.

We purchased the 6 seats with no subscription so we will have to pay for the subscription ($1295 + the $500 reinstall fee) for each of the 6 seats to either upgrade to Pro or add the stand alone PDMW.

And then there is the cost for the upgrade or the cost for the PDMW package added to each seat.

This all adds up fast so I want to be sure I get what I need and not a lot of extra bells and whistles that I don't need and sacrifice what I need by getting the bells and whistles.

Does anyone know of a good data sheet, what you get & what you don't listing or any other documentation that will tell me if PDMW will give me all that I need?


We are looking primarily for Check in/Check out control, Saving all checked in drawings so we can go back and look back or use old versions for product repairs (saving all revisions), maintaining the link between parts and drawings and assemblies in SW, and being able to add non SW documents.


We right now use an old version of "Source Safe".  It works OK for the above listed desires except for maintaining the part, drawing, assembly links (each just becomes a document in a folder.  We use this as a Central storage location and do all our work on our own stations right now and if I check out the drawings someone else made I have to re-link them.


It would be nice to have some of the other PDMW features like the viewer, metadata that can be viewed and probably a lot more - but I don't know what else it offers.

I would really like to have the equivalent of a Operation Manual for PDMW so I could see all the features, how to use them, what options to use or not use, etc.


Thanks, Rick