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Flatten to a pattern challenge.

Question asked by Bob Schartow on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by Andrzej Luszcz

Attached is a zero offset from the side of a 1" thick curved panel. I need to flatten it to create a pattern for waterjet cutting. I can hold a piece of tin against this part and trace the edges, and then let it lay flat. But I have tried a zillion different ways to approach this in SW. But I can't get it to convert to a sheet metal part to flatten it. I created a flat section on the end of it to use as the fixed section. I get an error message that the bend line where the curvature starts has a non-linear face. to make sure that the surface isn't cupped or something, I recreated the surface by converting the bottom edge to a 3D sketch, drew a straight line as the vector, and did a vector ruled surface. Same message. But I just know therer's GOT to be a way for SW to flatten this. Thank you anyone that can show me how to flatten this thing into a pattern. - Bob