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    Using Fluid Subdomain to improve mesh

    Michael Demeo

      Hello, is it possible in SolidWorks to use Fluid Subdomains to specify regions of different mesh resolutions in Flow Simulation? I know you can do this with Local Initial mesh, but this seems to only work very close to surfaces, or am I mistaken?

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          Jared Conway

          Refinements can only be done at the global level or based on SolidWorks geometry (face, edge, vertex, body....etc).


          The workaround would be to build a component that is equivalent to the fluid subdomain region. Save your assy as a part. Draw a large solid cube overtop of it. Use insert > feature > combine and delete your assembly from the cube. You'll be left with bodies that are the equivalent of the fluid regions. Mate that part into your assembly. Use component control to turn them off from a "solid" perspective and use them as local mesh controls.