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    Stacked Balloons in drawings

    Anthony Patterson

      So I'm trying to set up a bill of materials to include some gaskets that aren't actually modeled. I know how to do this manually (albeit not too pretty), but in SW help, it says this:


      "You can insert a stacked balloon without selecting a component, so you can annotate an item that is part of an assembly, but not actually modeled, such as glue or liquid."


      But it does not elaborate on how to do it! Does this just mean that you insert a stacked balloon into a blank area of the drawing view, add to the BOM Whatever "non-modeled" part you want (i.e. glue, liquid or whatever), and then manually change the item number in the balloon? (which would be the "not too pretty" method I would have done anyway) Or is SW help hinting at a cleaner way of doing it? Maybe something to do with virtual parts? But I thought virtual parts were the other way around - modeled but not in the BOM. Or perhaps I have that backwards If anyone could shed some light, I would appreciate it.