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Multiple Sheet-Metal & Flat-Pattern features keep getting generated

Question asked by James Han on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by Daniel Schulz

Hello all,


So I am using SW2012, and I mainly am working with sheet metal parts.

When I create a config (usually derived) and use that config to mirror a component (+ subsequent "body-delete" feature) and then switch between those configurations multiple times, Solidworks apparently adds in an additional "Sheet-Metal##" and corresponding "Flat-Pattern##." It adds to the list and the more I switch between the configs, the more of these features appear.

It isn't entirely consistent because when I create a new part file and try to test this bug, it does not appear so readily and it usually does not keep adding onto the growing number of sheet metal and flat pattern features (it just leaves it at a total of 2-3 of these features). but after working with a part for a short period of time, this bug will show itself and I will end up with maybe ~20 of these sheet-metal and flat-pattern features in the list. It does not hurt the model to just delete these sheet-metal features, as long as its not the main (original) one, so I usually do to clean up the list.

Other people I have talked to do not experience this issue because they never use "derived" configurations and only use configs at the top level.


Any idea on what could be causing this? We figure it has something to do with the derived nature of the configs and the resultant flat-pattern configs and whatnot, but it is hard to test this bug because I cannot seem to find a reliable reason to why it comes up in the first place.