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    Query WPDM Vault to find all revisions of a Document

    Stuart Toohey



      I'm trying to write a macro in VB that is capable of querying our WPDM vault for a specific filename then looking up all of the available revisions that exist in the vault for that document and populating the revison names into a combo box. I've managed to cobble something together through trial and error plus some googling but have hit a bit of a dead end. Here's the relevant part of my current code:


      Dim myPDMConn As New PDMWConnection

      myPDMConn.Login "X", "Y", "Z"


      Dim myDoc As PDMWDocument

      Set myDoc = myPDMConn.GetSpecificDocument("example.SLDPRT")

      Dim myDocRevisions As PDMWDocuments

      Set myDocRevisions = myDoc.Revisions


      With this I can successfully connect to the vault, find the part and populate myDocRevisions (if I lookup myDocRevisions.count it displays the correct number of revisions for the queried part). What I'm struggling with however is getting the revision names (or any other kind of info) out of myDocRevisions and into a combo box.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.