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Problems with Mirror

Question asked by Joe Kuzich on Feb 1, 2013
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I am having some trouble mirroring some subassemblies and I hope someone can/will shed some light on what I may be doing wrong. 


I wish I could attach the file but we have a policy against it so I will try my best to describe the issue.


I have a capony that I am designing with curved rafter and a polycarbonate roof.  The poly is secured at all edges of the roof with a base channel that attaches to the rafter and a cap that sandwiches the poly by attaching to the base.


I have inserted the edge base & cap assemblies along one (fully mating / defining them).  Then I did a mirror of those subassemblies using the right plane as my mirror plane.  Nearly everything mirrored perfectly, with the exception of about 4 subasseblies which have a strange rotation to them.  It is as if it copied them there and then flipped them upside down.  It only happened to those few, while other identical subassemblies are perfect.  If I try the make an opposite hand version of just that screwed up parts they preview correctly, but if I hit the check mark SW dies.  It crashes after giving me a warning that "the default templates are not valid. The problem can be resolved by correcting the default templates under the options dialog.  Do you want to continue with a blank template?"  Yes or no it crashes. 


If the template is faulty, why is it faulty on these subassemblies only and not on the others?  The others are the same exact subasseblies.


We did just update to SW13 x64 Edition