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Can $PARTNUMBER be linked to an EPDM variable

Question asked by Noel Witt on Jan 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by Gary Radish

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Is it possible to link the $PARTNUMBER property to an EPDM Variable?


The correct answer was:


Yes. The instructions are in the Admin guide, but here are the quick steps...


  1. Go to variable mapping & select the variable you want linked to that property.
  2. In the "Block name" box, enter "SWCfgProperty"
  3. In the "Attribute Name" box, enter "BOMPartNumber"



which, in fact, is supported by documentation. 


However, My EPDM Admin (2012) does NOT appear to have the "Block Name" SWCfgProperty?  Nor does it contain the documented "Block Name" $PRP??


Any idea what I'm missing or how to make those Block Names available?