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    SolidWorks Eval

    Bob Bbbbb

      I am posting this small rant with the intent of informing SW of a practice that is unhelpful and counterproductive, IMO.

      Currently, my company uses SW for their mechanical engineering designs and Autocad for 2D schematics and wire diagrams.  I am an EE, and all I do is 2D design.  I have had no previous experience with SW.

      In anticipation of an rumored switch from Autocad to SW for the electrical engineers, I requested information from SW for an evaluation (or demo) of their 2D/electrical schematic design software.  I just wanted a download link.

      Large mistake on my part.  I assumed that since Autodesk provides a simple download for evaluating their products, SW would do the same. 



      I was passed to a local salesman (and seperate company) to brow-beat me into providing information about my work and employer.  As I explained to the consultant, I am not in the decision-making chain and will not divulge my company's name.  I don't need to get shit from management for overstepping just because I was curious and wanted a leg up on a new software package.  It's not any of your business.  If I wanted to buy the product, I know how.  I could have contacted a sales consultant directly.  But I did not.


      To be honest, if I were in the decision-making chain this would be an indicator to me of your priorities. 


      Sell before service. 



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          Jeff Holliday

          I think many of us can agree to an extent. That being said, it is SW policy. Also, the new Electrical package is more involved and comprehensive than a simple 2D schematic preparation package. Actually, I don't believe it works real well "standalone" without SWorks installed. If your company uses SW currently, the VAR that the company deals with could likely help you in your request.

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            John Ehrhardt

            I am looking for an easy to carry demo of 3D CAD for a school career day.  Web access is uncertain, and the success stories are too time bloated. 


            SolidWorks MUST have a sales lead before offering a "demo" of some not mentioned format.  Nothing useful has been found here. Frustrated.