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Warning if using Pdmworks 2013 sp1

Question asked by P. Farnham on Jan 30, 2013

This has been a sad year so far for pdmworks with lots of things not working in it, but there is a now a very potential dangerous bug that has been found by my VAR.


Yes I have a SPR on it and I will post it here, once I get back to work.


It all depends on how you use Pdmworks as to whether it will affect you.


If you use Pdmworks document information to look as a document in the folder, it was found that the "viewed document" was the previous one to the latest revision and not the latest revision!

So you or a multiviewer could end up giving the wrong information to a question in regard to said document.


Luckily we only work from printed latest revision documents and so are unaffected.


This came about after another Pdmworks SPR that was issued about not being able to view other configurations except the last saved configuration view.

This brought about the realisation of the forementioned bug.


I think Solidworks should issue a instant email warning to all of it's Pdmworks customers to highlight this problem.especially those using Pdmworks multiuser viewer, as the unwary or unknowing non cad viewer could be caught out.