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    Line Font of Body

    David Stone

      In an assembly, I can select a component line font.  Is there a way to achieve the same effect for a body within a multi-body part (apart from selecting all the visible edges of the body).  I have a fairly complex part (i.e. a lot of visible edges) which I have added to a configuration of another part for use on a drawing.  The added part is basically for reference of relative positioning  for manufacture/assembly.  I need several views so selecting all edges in all views, whilst do-able, is a PITA.



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          Glenn Schroeder

          I don't think there is any way to do that.  The ability to RMB on a body and choose "Component Line Font" similar to the present functionality for parts would make a nice enhancement request.

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            Jerry Steiger



            I think that there is an alternate position view that you might be able to use. It lays one view on top of another.


            Jerry S.

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                David Stone

                Hi Jerry


                Good shout but alternate position view doesn't work for parts, only assemblies.  But based on your suggestion, I tried overlaying and aligning two separate views by origin (vertically and horizontally).  One view with everything in one line font (phantom) and the other with solid line font.  I think this would work, but for some reason the alignment is off (even though I've double-checked it in the part).


                Find one workaround and create a new problem!!!


                Thanks for the input.