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    SW2012 out of memory??? (win 7, x64, 16GB ram) How is this possible?

    Lucas Taylor

      Please help, I have a killer setup.

      SW2012 x64 Premium SP0.0

      Running on my Dell M6600

      Win 7, 64bit

      16 GB Ram

      Intel i7-2760QM 2.4GHz

      Nvidia Quadro 5010M 4GB


      I am trying to save a big-ish file as a step file, and it crashes saying out of memory.  Resource monitor says its under 1GB before it crashes.

      I have never had this issue before today...I have had this setup for >6mo.

      I recently (yesterday) updated all my graphics card drivers to resolve another issue resulting from windows update.


      Please help, I was under the impression this shouldn't happen in windows 7 with this much RAM