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Texture Mapping on a Curve?

Question asked by Irena Eckard on Jan 30, 2013
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I am attempting to map a cloth texture on a curved form that is intended to be part of a seat. At the moment I am only using a test texture, but the final texture will have creases and highlights to improve the look of the rendered product and give the seat a cushiony appearance.


I have attached some images to show the problem. The 'Top View' image shows the sketch that was lofted to create the curved surface. The 'Curvature' image shows the amount of bend involved. The 'Texture Applied' image shows the problem--at the curved part the texture becomes crushed and somehow turns itself sideways. I need it to stretch smoothly over the surface.


I have fiddled with the mapping options to no avail, but I am more used to building things than rendering them and I haven't had much experience with PhotoView. Any help would be greatly appreciated.