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    Solidworks 2013 problems

    Marcello Jacobs

      Is anyone else having many problems with the new Solidworks 2013?


      Did they change the way Solidworks handles design tables?


      I ask cause since we have "Upgraded" when we open a design table the information inside the design table gets moved around and or changed when we open it. These design tables were created in Solidworks 2012 and we use them all through the Enterprise PDM. The templates are just fine, but when we create a new drawing through the PDM and open the design table the information gets changed and or moved around.

      This is very frustrating cause this is just the tip of the iceberg for the problems we have been having with the new Solidworks.

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          John Burrill

          Marcello, I haven't noticed that.

          Are you sure it's the update to 2013 that's causing the design tables to change (and if you can

          provide an example of how design table data moved around, that would be helpful) and not a change to a model that's updating the design table.  A good way of testing this is to open an earlier version of a converted file in 2012 and edit the design table.

          Please provide more details about your Solidworks service pack version and whether the problem is file specific or is happening to all of your 2012 files. 

          And also, please indicate whether you're talking about a part or assembly design table or a table that's been inserted into a drawing.

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              Marcello Jacobs

              Please see the 2 attached design tables, one is the templates design table, the other is the design table after you "Create a new drawing" in our PDM which then goes and copies the template drawing and assembly to the selected folder. This happens every time you create a new drawing even though the template is fine and correct, when it gets copied and opened up it changes the text in the cell to remove the first set of characters containing the number in the parenthesis.


              That certain cell has Data validation and you can only choose from a list on sheet 2. Nowhere in the spreadsheet is the data available without the number in the paranthesis.


              this is just one of many problems we have been having, just recently it decided to either insert columns on sheet 2 or move the existing information out to column CF. Currently the information starts at column B. This change was done on the template level so I had to go back into the template and remove all those extra columns.

              Another problem is on Cell E4 where it ask's for our customer's part number. Most of the time we do not have it so this stays blank. Everytime you open the spreadsheet from the assembly it will put a space in there. You cannot see it since it is just a space, but down the way I have an equation that creates a property that is brought into the sheet based upon whether there is information in that cell or not. so when there is not a customer part number the program keeps putting a space in there messing up the equation. You can delete the space but the next time you open it it will put another space in that cell.

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                  Patrick O'Hern

                  I have run into issues with data validation in SW2013 as well.  I only have a few files that use it, so I haven't taken the time to really test the problem, but I have noticed validation being removed when opening the DT.

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                      Joe Kuzich

                      I was reading Brian Browns post about the problems his company has been having with design tables, but it looks like his thread was deleted.  It sounded like upgrading crippled (at least temporarily) his companies ability to perform.  I was wondering if he tried going back to the his older version and if that would allow the design tables to start working again?  Is it possible to run 2 or more versions of SW on a system so you can try to work out all the issues on new jobs but still have your previous jobs work without having to do major repairs? 





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                          Jerry Steiger



                          Yes, it is possible to run multiple versions of SW on your computer and many people do it for just the reason you suggest. The only problem I have ever seen doing so is remembering to keep the files you are working on in the different versions completely separated, so that you don't inadvertently work on an old version file in a newer version and then save the newer version, making it impossible to open with the old version.


                          Jerry S.

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                              Joe Kuzich

                              Thanks for the response Jerry.  You bring up a great point.  Thinking about it and all the little parts/subassemblies we use I think that would be a nightmare.  I would think we would essentially have to duplicate all of our libraries in case we needed any of those items, essentially running EVERYTHING as a duplicated system. 


                              Does EPDM keep items in both versions so you would be able to select an older version of the same part before it was saved with the new software?  I know it keeps older versions of the part but would the older versions be afflicted by the new version software?  I'm just curious.

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                            Jason Lisy

                            I'm having the same problem, and it is causing MAJOR headaches for me. We have a lot of parts that utilize design tables, and having the data validation not working properly is incredibly frustrating.

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                        Karen Brunke

                        Did this get fixed?  I am having the same issues.