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imported part file size

Question asked by Luke Barreto on Jan 29, 2013
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I, like many other SW users use files sent to me by suppliers and other manufacturer in my assemblies, typically engines, hydraulic pumps/hydrostats and other parts. I usually receive the files in STP format and save them as a part file .sldprt. These files are usually faces-only parts but there are many faces, making the file size quite large (20-60mb). When I have two or three of these files in my assemblies, it slows down my system quite a bit. I typically end up suppressing the files to make viewing and rotating speed up.


I'm looking for a way to compress or reduce the file size to keep my program running faster without having to suppress the parts. I have tried reducing the image quality and that doesn't seem to help much. Changing the view to shaded without edges help quite a bit but then makes the assembly look like a blob. I have also tried setting the files as lightweight, but that doesn't seem to help much either. Is there a way to remove the edges from individual parts without removing the edges from all the parts? Or a way to compress the files to a more usable size?


My appologies if this has been covered before, I have searched many different forums looking for a solution to this issue.


For reference my system is a macbook pro running windows 7 from bootcamp

i7 processor at 2.2GHz

8gb of ram

ATI Radeon HD 6600M 1gb