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Difficulty with Workflows for Motion Studies

Question asked by Emily Hepler on Jan 29, 2013

Even though motion studies are imbedded as part of the assembly or part file (at least that's what is appears to me), I've noticed issues cropping up with them in EPDM. First problem I have is that after moving files into EPDM, I'll check in a part which will show the motion study as a child. It will error as the motion study file being "Outside of EPDM" but there is no actual file to be found and the motion study opens up in the part normally.


My second problem is when checking in a part with a new motion study, the error is popping up that the motion study is not accepted into any of the workflows. I know I need a generic catch-all workflow for non-standard file types but how do I do this? I made a basic lock/unlock workflow with no conditions but the same error still appeared.