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Problem putting stacked balloons in sequential order

Question asked by John Pagel on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2013 by John Pagel

I am detailing an assembly and to do this I am using stacked balloons.  However, I want the balloons to be in sequential order.  There are several spots where I am using this kind of annotation in the part and it would make reading the print much easier.  I know that I have the option before I start ballooning to have solidworks do this for me automatically but the problem is that is does so by reordering my BOM.  I would like the ballons to be in sequential order by item number while keeping my BOM in ascending order by part number.  The work around for this is to click on the parts in the sub-assemblies in the right order based on their part number but this can become very time consuming cross referencing between the BOM and the assembly drawing over and over.


Is ther a way to change the order in which the numbers of a stacked balloon appear after you have selected all of it's components in the drawing?  Thanks in advance.