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Rack Mount BOXX PC's

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Jan 29, 2013

Has anyone else used the Teradici Host system from BOXX?


We are going to buy 2 of these Rack systems and 4 of the Portal kits so the users can work from Work and from Home. This setup, how it was explained to me is really cool. The only problem we are having currently is deciding on the Processor type (Dual Xeon (8 cores), or a Overclocked Intel i7 Processor). I spoke to Anna offline and she gave us some good advice. The users are FEA users and they use a combination of software. They do use Simulation, but they also use Mold Flow and MSC NAstran software. I have given them the recommendations from Anna and hopefully they will make the right decision, after all they have to live with it.


But I am curious if there is anyone else out there in our community that have or are using these Rack Mount PC's and if so, what's your opinion about it?


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