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Place reference coordinate system at intersection of two axes?

Question asked by Peter Zwegat on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2013 by Scott McElroy

Hey guys,


im new to solidworks, so this will be an easy one for you.

Basically, i have 2 metal rods (each defined in a "part" file), and an assembly file where i mated them so they are perpendicular to each other and touch in exactly one point.

For each rod, I can define an axis with the reference geometry tool. Now, i want to put a reference coordinate system at the intersection of those 2 axes.

However, i cannot place a reference system at the intersection because one axis vanishes and not even on the remaining axis.

I tried another approach with the construction lines, but i cant get the construction line to through the middle of the cylindrically shaped rods.


Follow-Up question: If i have the desired reference coordinate system as described above, is there a possibility to show the reference coordinate system in each of the "part" files, or do i have to measure the distance in the assembly file and create a new reference frame in each part file and position it as desired?

(This is because i want to get the moments of inertia for each rod wrt to the coordinate frame)


Would be great if you can help me out here!