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    How to move EPDM vault from test server to new server and rename?

    Wayne Lehman

      I have Enterprise PDM 2012 SP3 running on a test W2K8 VM and about to go live on a new server with EPDM 2013 SP1. I will be installing SQL Server 2008 and EPDM 2013 SP1 from scratch on the new server. I only have one EPDM client installed for testing purposes.


      The vault on the test server is called PDM2012 and has valid data that I want to transfer to the new server as a new vault AND I want the new vault to have a different name (I want to drop the '2012' part of the name). I have read elsewhere that renaming the vault is not possible, but the vault will be going on to a new server.


      Is there a way of doing this?