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How to move EPDM vault from test server to new server and rename?

Question asked by Wayne Lehman on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by Tom Helsley

I have Enterprise PDM 2012 SP3 running on a test W2K8 VM and about to go live on a new server with EPDM 2013 SP1. I will be installing SQL Server 2008 and EPDM 2013 SP1 from scratch on the new server. I only have one EPDM client installed for testing purposes.


The vault on the test server is called PDM2012 and has valid data that I want to transfer to the new server as a new vault AND I want the new vault to have a different name (I want to drop the '2012' part of the name). I have read elsewhere that renaming the vault is not possible, but the vault will be going on to a new server.


Is there a way of doing this?