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What kind of tablet?

Question asked by Scott Lyon on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2013 by Scott Lyon

I’m looking for suggestions on a tablet primarily to view large assembly files in the field. Viewing could be with eDrawings, 3D pdf or even SW. I currently have an iPad 2 which doesn’t even come close to the task. My typical eDrawing file is in the 20MB range and the Apple chokes every time, tossing a memory warning then closing the app. Right now it looks like my choices are a newer iPad with more RAM, an Intel Atom based tab or a full blown i3~i7 multi core Win8 machine. Having the ability to run SolidWorks would be nice but I don’t like the idea of taking a $1000+ tablet out into a dusty factory if a cheaper one would work. I’ve seen posts stating that the iPad 4 can handle 20 meg eDrawings. Can they handle more? Will SW run on the Atom based Windows tablets? Is there a multi core Intel tablet out there that can handle field environments?