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Displaying Surface Features in drawing views

Question asked by Brad Reinagle on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2013 by Jerry Steiger

On to the next mystery.


In my model I created a series of surface features to represent printing that needs to be on the finished part.

I imported a .dxf file as a sketch, then used this sketch to create the surfaces, which I could change the color of and represent the printed artwork in/on my model.

The printed artwork is of a linear scale, The length of the artwork is approx. 500mm, broken up into 1cm and 1 inch increments.

To save on the surface feature creation time, I created one charactor or scale markings and then Patterned them along the length of the area to be marked.

Worked great in the model.

Now I am trying to display these surface features in a drawing view.

They do not automatically show up.

But if I expand out my model in the particular view, from the model tree, I can select the individual surface features and select show.

This works OK, but I have to select each surface feature one ot a time.

The real problem comes in with the patterns.

If I select on the pattern feature, it will highlight in my drawing view.

But there is no option for showing it.

I can show/hide hidden edges, but not just show the surfaces them selves.


Anybody got any ideas on this one?