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    lost my views on models and drawings - help

    Craig Dowling

      Hi there


      I've done a selection of models / assemblies for one of our customers of which these have all been made into manufacturing drawings. The problem I have is these drawings were all done to the customers Dwg No's now they have requested we create our own Dwg No's, so I re-saved the files under the new No's but now I find that my assemblies are no longer there, all the mates are grey'd out because the original files cannot be found and also the drawings are the same, when I open I get a blank page? is there a way I can link the newly named models to the drawing/ assemblies or do i have to create new drawings and assemblies?


      any help or advice would be greatly appreciated





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          John Stoltzfus

          Good morning Craig,


          Seems to be a missing link and I would open the original SW file and do a Pack & Go rather then a save as, then all you need to do is check the box where you want to replace the numbers and insert your part numbers and all should be good. 





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            Michael Wallom

            One method that is available to re-establish association between files (i.e.: drawing-to-assembly/parts or assembly-to-parts) is through SolidWorks Explorer.


            Solidworks Explorer - Replace.png


            In this type of scenario, you will need to first locate and select the top-level file of concern (drawing or assembly) in the upper left File Explorer pane.  Next, in the upper right Preview pane, select the References tab.  The referenced files will be then displayed in the lower right pane.  In the lower right pane, select the file(s) you want to establish a connection with using the Replace command.


            These steps can also help to re-establish the relationship between files that may have been lost by perhaps inadvertantly renaming files using 'Windows / Rename' instead of the preferred 'SolidWorks Explorer / Rename' command.


            Best Regards