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Could someone help me out with this problem???? Its very important.....

Question asked by Srikanth Dugyalla on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2013 by Wouter Van Assche


I have created a structure and extracted weldment cut list.. I have added the weight column in the cutlist. What I could notice is weight is calculated for single structural member only though the quantity is some n number. Irrespective of n number of quantities of structural members the weight is calculated for only 1 number.. For example I have 1 cutlist containing 2 similar structural members. When I add the weight column, it is calculating weight for only 1 member where it must give the total weight for both the members.

Please help me out on how to get the total weight of both the structural members autometicallu when I add the weight column in the cutlist.

Please find the pictures attached to view the problem.