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    SW2013 and TeamCenter

    Doug Crow

      Has anybody using Teamcenter/swim upgraded to SW2013? Any issues?



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          Eli Fayzenberg

          Yes. We are running SW2013 with SWIM 9.2. Works not bad with small-medium size assemblies but we are experiencing many crashes (not sure if they are cause by SW or SWIM) when the assemblies get massive.

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              Anna Wood



              Can you define what you consider a massive assembly is compared to a small-medium size one?





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                  Eli Fayzenberg

                  Small-medium is in the range of hundreds of parts.

                  We start to see the crashes when the assemblies pass the threshold of approx. 2000 parts. In our bigger assemblies (the layouts) we also use configurations of sub-components and we suppress some other components in the assembly so the complexity may be caused by this and not necessarily by  the number of part. In our case they kind of go hand-in-hand.

                  In a typical crash, the common window that "solid works must close" would popup without any "out of resources" warning. We also monitored resources and it doesn't look like it's  the problem.

                  As I said before, we are still investigating but I can't tell for sure if the problem is on the SWIM side or SW side. What we did notice is that the crashes persist even when we turn off the SWIM addin....


                  It was very stable when we were on SW 2012 + SWIM 9.1


                  P.s - I've noticed that you're a Red Wings fan so.... let's go Leafs!