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    Membrane under Pre-Tension

    Freddie Santiago

      I am a student and begginer with Solidwork, working on a model of a membrane deformation due to an apply pressure. Similar to a musical drum membrane. Following a trampoline tutorial in nonlinear manual I was able to model my experiment using Static(Linear) as well a nonlinear simulation. The model works fine except my results are off(displacement due to applied pressure) since I don't know how to model the membrane pre-tension. I basically want to model the pre-tension of the membrane, like a drum and then apply my pressure to deform the membrane. How I can model that Pre-tension?

      Will appreciate any help.... 

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          Irfan Zardadkhan

          Hi Freddie,

          You can model the pre-tension as a prescribed displacement on the outer edge of the membrane. Are you running Static or Non-linear Static analysis? Make sure the Large Displacement flag is turned on if you expect large displacements. If you want to share a screenshot of what you are trying to do will be helpful in answering your question.

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              Freddie Santiago

              Hi Irfan,

              Thank you for the suggestion really appreciate it. I had done it with both Static and Non-linear for comparision. On solidworks website there is an example of a trampoline that I used as a guideline, but with out the pre-tension.

              So from your comment I would create a displacement in the outer edge, that will produce the pre-tension(stress on the membrane) then use that result into the current study I performed where I apply the constant pressure? Do you recommend make this displacement as Static or Non-linear?

              Attached are screen shots of the membrane, the fixtures condition and Static results.

              Once again thank you and any other suggestion or ideas will be appreciate it.


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              Freddie Santiago

              @ Jerry: Thank you Jerry that is what I move the simulation towards, large deflection and non-linear.


              @Irfan: I try your suggestion, but by applying a force on the outer edge of the membrane, this stretched the membrane, which I belive it is essentially what you suggested correct? Is there a different way to do this, adding that displacement?.

              As I mentioned I am new at solidworks, so I having trouble, once I apply that force on the edge, to use the deformed part with the stress for my next step on the simulation, which is applying the constant pressure to create the deformation.


              Any help or direction will be apprecaite it....



              - Freddie