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    Are there any animation software like (Maya or 3D Max) that are compatible with Solidworks?

    Achilleas Achilleos

      Hello everybody


      I have designed an optical system in Solidworks and I would like to  do an animation video of my system such as laser beams moving within the system, apply cameras to follow the light path within the model (optical system) going through lenses, hiting mirrors and reflecting through cameras etc. I have tried to do that with Solidworks Animation but I dont think I can achieve what I want to do ie. cameras following light path within the design.


      I have also tried Blender and Maya but when I import the file in these softwares my design changes colour and all materials are lost hence I need to assign new materials but my design is big and I dont want to loose time assigning new materials.


      Do you know of any other software that is compatible with Solidworks and when I import my design still to view the model as designed in Solidworks?


      Thanks in Advance