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Bonding Beams to surfaces

Question asked by M. Grundy on Jan 28, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by Said Kacioui

Hi All,


I am creating a simulation of a large bodied object that has internal struts using Solidworks Premium. I have changed the internal struts to beams and the walls of the object to a mid-plane surface (shell thickness 6mm) and am trying to bond the end of the beams to the shell wall. The struts/beams now sit offset from the surface by 3mm, the joint is a yellow ball rather than purple and therefore needs to be connected to something. Usually when connecting beams to beams this is not a problem (i.e. 'Treat a joint for clearence'), but im finding some trouble connecting beams to shells?


Could it be that i need to use 'contact sets -> bonded'? I have tried this and encountered trouble connecting the end of the beam to the surface. Error message 'invalid entity on beam body was selected. 


I am new to solidworks simulation and will appreciate any help that can be offered.


Thanks in advance.


(picture incl.)