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    Dimension Hidden

    Charles Culp

      One of my coworkers cannot see dimension text, it is hidden. Any idea what is causing it to disappear? It is just the number that disappeared, as you can see the diameter symbol shows.


      It is not caused by the part template, multiple templates tested cause the problem. The dimension text is set to century gothic .125". So far it is only his machine. It happened when he was upgraded to SW2013.



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          Scott McElroy

          You could try selecting one of the dimensions and use the other tab in the dimension properties bar to try to change the font and see if another font type would appear. Also have that computer open a word processor program (MS Word, etc.) and see if the century gothic font appears, specifically with numbers. That's all I can think to try and help.

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            John Burrill

            Very interesting, Charles.  Tell me, if you stall your cursor over where the dimension text should be, does it highlight?

            If not, when the dimension is picked does the property manager show the same tags for the place-holders?

            for example:


            finally, is the default dimension text size set to something very small like .125mm?

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                Charles Culp

                1. No, but I've never been able to hover my cursor and have it highlight. We can click where the "hidden" dimension is, and it shows up.


                2. Yes, it says <mod-diam><DIM>


                3. No, the text size is set to .125"



                We were able to "work-around" by turning on Tools>Options>System Options>Display/Selection>"Display Dimensions Flat to Screen"

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                    John Burrill

                    OK, so that's a rendering issue and I'm willing to bet it traces back to the font-or atleast the Solidworks onscreen version of it.

                    The <MOD-DIAM> tag comes out of GTOL.sym, so that explains why it's not affected.

                    I'm working in 2013every day now (SP2.0 EV) and while I've seen a couple of display scrambles I haven't seen exactly what you're talking about.

                    Well, if it's not file specific, then the question is, is it user-specific.

                    Does the problem persist if you log on as a different user?