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    Christopher Estelow

      How do I go about flipping the angle dimension in pic1 to make it look like pic2?  Basically crossing the center line.




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          Scott McElroy

          Hey Chris.


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          I think that the closest you will get will be to add sketch lines on top of the drawing with colinear relations to essentially create the lines that the 2nd drawing is using to reference the angle. It seems to me that solidwork references angles from the intersection point and breaks up the 4 possible angle callouts outward from that point as a center point.


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            Scott McElroy

            Actually I think I found the way SolidWorks intends that to be done. First you create the intersection point. To do that, click the center line, then hold control and click the angled line, release control and click on the point tool in the sketch toolbar. That will insert an intersection point. You can then smart dimension the angle by clicking first the intersection point, then the point where then intersection point's line meets the center line, then click the point where the intersection's point's line meets the angled line. This will allow you to move your angle dimension to the opposite of the intersection line and place the angle how you'd like in section two. This method gets you down to 7 clicks to get to your desired dimension position.


            EDIT: See the attached Word document for a step by step picture tutorial if my word description above is unclear.


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