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    Move files around

    Klaas Oudejans

      Hello everybody,


      I want to be able to move my files around in the Vault. I have a Released state, and then you can bring it back to a Work in Process state. In this state (or maybe even in the released state) I want to move the files around.


      In the EPDM help it states the following


      • To move files in the vault, you must have delete permission for the source folder and add permission for the target folder.



      But I don't want users to be able to delete files that are in those earlier mentioned states. Is there something I can do as a workaround?


      I hope to hear from someone!



        • Re: Move files around
          Emily Hepler

          When it moves the files it is actually copying it to the new place and "deleting" the old one where it was located before. Even if they have delete permission they don't have destroy so you can recover files at any time. If you don't want to do that, you may want to assign the moving task to an administrator that has delete permission.