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    Material: Silicon Rubber OR Silicone Rubber

    James Bach

      I am making a grommet . . . it will be made from Silicone Rubber . . . I am in the "Material" dialog and see "Silicon Rubber".  Google searching the Internet for "silicon rubber" comes-up with a zillion hits related to "silicone rubber" (the only kind I'd ever known existed), and at the top of the hit list is the link for: Showing results for silicone rubber . . . because there is no such thing as Silicon Rubber . . . . yes, silicone contains silicon (and other elements), but the two are not the same.  Integrated Circuits (ICs) are made from silicon, but not silicone.  Synthetic rubber is made of silicone, but not silicon.


      Can you please fix your dialog for material selection (and wherever else the word might be used in SW) to spell the material correctly?



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          John Sutherland

          Throughout SW documentation there is conflict between US and British English usage, thanks in part to Webster's efforts to rationalise spelling.  I don't know that we can blame Webster for that heinous monstrosity "off of" for from.


          Further, there appears to be a decline in the teaching of English, or maybe many people who would never have received a proper education now have an opportunity to have a go, but the end result is ambiguous if not incomprehensible signs, instructions, documentation etc..  I am not thinking of Chinglish here; not being a Mandarin speaker I cannot complain about their efforts at English.


          I don't know whether Silicon Rubber is US usage or poor technical education.

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              James Bach

              So is "silicon" the Brit version of "silicone" (the soft, rubbery material, not the hard, sand-like material)?  Like the whole "aluminum" -vs- "aluminium" thing?  FWIW, I'm hoping that women's "augmentation" devices were never made of silicon . . . only silicone . . . and now saline. 


              My pet peeve with modern English language is something that would probably make Shakespear cring . . . in that he is so famous for "to be...or not to be" . . . that in modern usage the phrase "to be" is being left-out of sentances where it needs to be . .

              "My piano needs tuned" . . . instead of the correct "My piano needs TO BE tuned"

              "My car's front-end neede aligned" . . . instead of the correct "My car's front-end needs TO BE aligned"

              "The laundry needs washed" . . . instead of the correct "The laundry needs TO BE washed" . . . or, if you've grown-up in Indiana (like my wife) "The laundry needs to be waRshed"  (jeeesh . . . :-) ).  Thank God neither of my children says "warshed" . . . and that they don't ask where the "bubbler" is when they are looking for a "drinking fountain" (as I, a native of Milwaukee, was once prone to say) :-)


              But, I digress.


              There are other materials listed as "silicon" in SolidWorks . . . not sure if they really mean the hard sand-like material, or, again, the soft synthetic rubber material we like to make squishy parts from, or to caulk around our fish tanks and windows.


              While we're talking about "silicone" . . . and please correct me if I've blinked-and-missed-it . . . could they please provide some "appearances" for siliconE other than the black solid that appears when I make a part "silicon rubber"?!?  Could they, in the Appearances tree on the right-side of the screen, provide "Silicone Rubber" as a material, and then let us pick:



              Clear (Crystal)

              Clear (Milky)



              Almond (cream white)

              The colors commonly available/used in this material (i.e. these seem to be the colors available for siliconE caulk).


              Thanx (SW developers) for listening.

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                  Joe Kuzich



                  I'm with you, I cant stand the lazy slang version of English.  My grammar leaves a great deal to be desired and with so many different cultures in my area there are a lot of people that English is a second language for them, so I am usually very understanding.  However, I do some times have a little fun with it, even though I know I shouldn't.


                  Where I'm from we have a lot of people 'axe' people stuff.  It's not that rare that someone will say to me, "let me axe you something".  Where I respond as enthusiastically as I can with a straight face, " No thanks you! I do not wish to be axed in way.  That sounds painful and in no way in my best interest."  Most people catch on quickly and laugh a bit then say it correctly, but some get upset that I'm correcting them.  One lady even told me that I'm "Ignant".  Where I asked her if that was anything like ignorant.  Well you can imagine how she took that. 

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                Roland Schwarz

                Wikklipedia to the rescue.  Now we's all a little less ignert.