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    Software Scam

    John Stoltzfus

      Just got an spam email - Anyone have an email address to the SW legal department - There are local companies getting caught up with spams like this.


      Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by

      (doreen.skinner21@gmail.com) on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 10:07:04



      enquiry:   It has come to my attention that you might have an interest in purchasing Solidworks 2013 Full version .


        I am selling Solidworks 2013 Full version   --- the FULL  version, besides  it does not need to  go through the  "Activation" process.


      Although this is a  not an "official disk" it works exactly the same,and has even more benefits. Since it has no activation files, it can be installed unlimited times on as many computers as you like which is a big plus!


        The only down side to this is that there is no Web Based Support from CAD/CAM COMPANY  because it was not bought from them.

        It's functions is  all the same as  Store_Bought programs.


        I'd be willing to sell it to you for a very low price of $150 USD .-plus a small shipping & handling fee.You simply cannot beat this offer.

      This would cost you more than  $5000 USD.-plus tax in any store and you can only install the store bought version on one computer.

      As I said there are not any limitations or restrictions with this type of version other than the web-based support, but who really needs that anyways?  I don't.


        If you want to purchase any CAD/CAM  email me with your shipping address and I will even send it in advance.


        You will receive it in 4-8 business days  and check it out for free to see if it is in perfect condition

        (just check out whether it is readable on your system or not) just open it up and see if your computer can read the files and if so then

         it will work with your system. Then email me back and let me know.


        After I get your payment via an online-payment service such as Western Union which usually seems to work best for most people.

      I will email you the code-number to install the programs .This is the best method to do this type of business online....

      for all parties involved.


        I hope to hear from you soon.

        Thank You,submit

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          Nick Birkett-Smith

          Hi John


          Please report this using our Piracy Prevention form.  A link to that can be found on our Piracy Prevention page here:





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            Peter De Vlieger

            And to think that there are people stupid enough to fall for it.


            150 + S&H fee for a disc that they can't run


            check it out for free to see if it is in perfect condition

              (just check out whether it is readable on your system or not) just open it up and see if your computer can read the files


            Take notice that it doesn't say that you can try it out but only that you can check if there are files on the disc. Could be any collection of .exe's and junk.


            And on top of it all the payment happens by Western Union which is the payment by choice for those that want to be untrackable and have a refund impossibility.


            Afterwhich you are supposed to get a code nummer that should unlock the install possibility.


            How devoid of common sense does one have to be to fall for this scam. It's not even piracy because he isn't selling an illegal version he is just riping of the guillable crowd by giving them the idea that they are buying an illegal version for an amount that once they figured out that they have been had is not big enough to make them want to do something about it without making themselves utterly ridiculous. It's not unlike those people that buy an iPad for 10USD over the internet only to find out that they bought a brink in a iPad box.

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              Richard Gergely

              Well I'm afraid there are loads of places you can buy SW on the internet with a activation code ready to go. Obviously the activation code is just a crack code. And believe it or not they really work and they are usually cheaper than this guy is trying to sell it for published on this thread. A google search can find them it's that easy


              Downside well if you get caught with it you could be in big trouble.


              And seriously it's who evers fault who's buys it if they get caught. It's crazy for a company to argue any different.


              Mind you this is no different to someone using a education copy for business