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      • Re: In the Cloud - even Apple thinks it's going to be rubbish!!

        Steve Wozniak doesn't speak for Apple.


        I can see some beneifts to cloud computing for those I work with if it's a private cloud not a public one. Most of the people I work with have concerns over ITAR regulations and there is no way they are going to put any ITAR regulated data on a public cloud.


        We are going to see some CADCAM companies try and force their users to the cloud and leave them with no choice other than to rent the software and pay maintenance fees forever. If you don't pay, their cloud based CADCAM software will no longer work.


        The two CADCAM companies who are most committed to moving to the cloud as soon as possible are Dassault and Autodesk.


        CADCAM companies count on the majority of their users being sheeple. The small percentage of CADCAM users who arern't happy don't work together and support common causes. It's been my experience that most CADCAM users are fanboi's and they are more than happy to go along with whatever a market leading CADCAM company tells them is best for them.


        I run a group that's trying to do something about this problem. It's not for everyone but it does have almost 475 members and it's growing like crazy.




        Jon Banquer

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