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    Unable to set a material for use in SimulationXpress

    David Valentine

      I've come back to trying to learn Solidworks (after a bit of a hiatus - I'm a college student right now) exclusively because I heard Solidworks allows you to test forces, pressures, etc.  However when I try to set a material (in SimulationXpress Analysis Wizard) after selecting a fixture and load on a regular rectangular prism, it doesn't seem to register that I've selected anything.  I've selected the same material under Choose Material, right clicked my part in the lower left corner and selected Apply/Edit Material, and have also selected the material under the top left window.  I'm sorry I don't have a better way of describing these boxes but as you can see I'm very new to this.


      If there is some procedure that the online video tutorial neglected to mention, or if you think I missed something, could you please let me know what the proper procedure could be to be able to set a material for my beam for use in SimulationXpress?