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    Help with Material Properties

    Dave Branco

      Can anyone help me out here.  I am running a steady state model with head conduction in solids.  The only material property I should need to input is thermal conductivity and in some cases that is the only material property I actually have.  When I create a new material, Solidworks is forcing me to input specific heat, density, and melting temperature but what if you don't have those values and you don't need them?  Specific heat is not needed for a steady state run and density is not needed if gravity and pressure potential are turned off so why can't we just leave those blank?  I am affraid of the following scenario: setting an arbitrary value for the properties I do not know and then in the future using that material for an analysis where those properties are actually critical, and not realizing that they were set as arbitrary values before.  Does anyone have any thought/opinions/suggestions?

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          Jared Conway

          Add a comment to the material or name the material so that it reminds you to not use them in the future. Or set the value of the parameters that aren't necesary to something ridiculous that it will be obvious that the results are off. These are your only options for required fields. If you're using Flow Simulation, another option is to create the material in the engineering database, there are still required inputs but at least the material doesn't reside in the SolidWorks material library and won't travel with your component.


          I'd also suggest submitting an enhancement request through the customer portal if you have an idea on how to improve the workflow such that materials can be entered with the minimum number of properties.