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    The addin don´t stop in brake points when I debug it

    Antonio Alvarez Arauzo

      Hello, I have an addin make with visual studio 2010, (.NET), I( have windows 7 x32  an sw 2012 sp5 x32), when i run the addin it load correctly into solid and it mades the functions correctly, the problem is that I have break points into de code, to control it, but it don´t stop , it runs from the beginning to the end...

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          Artem Taturevych

          Hi Antonio,


          There are may be two possible reasons why you cannot debug loaded add-in:


          1) Your build configuration doesn't generate the debug information. Navigate to Project->Properties->Build. Click "Advanced" button and make sure that the "Debug Info" option is set to 'full'


          2) The add-in which is loaded in SolidWorks is not the one which are you trying to debug. When you are doing the debugging (especially switching between Release and Debug) it may happens that at some step the dll information is not properly cleared. So the dll loaded in SolidWorks is not the one you are debugging. To check this I usually add some message box somewhere in ConnectToSW function and see whether it is shown. The easiest way to fix this issue is remove the add-in key from the SolidWorks/AddIns registry and change the add-in's GUID.



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