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    twist cut

    Scott Cole

      im modeling a barrel of a gun. how can i cut the grooves inside the barrel?

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          Andrew Kronquist

          You could make a sketch of the inside of the barrel using Convert Entities in the Sketch tools, then Insert/Curve/Helix and adjust it with the properties the way you want it in the barrel. Next, find a plane you can use to sketch the profile of your cut using the inside length of the barrel as a line guide. Sketch your profile to cut into the barrel in the shape you want, you can use Wireframe view to see the inner surface of the barrel to sketch on. You could sketch beyond the line into the center of the barrel, but I usually stay on the inner line. Get out of the sketch and choose Features/Swept Cut and choose the cut sketch as the profile (probably already selected), and the helix as the path (click on the spiral). If that feature is gray'ed out you're still in the sketch.

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            Stuart Moore

            Example attached.

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              Jerry Steiger

              Any and all,


              Sweep with Twist is usually considered to be much faster than using a Helix for the Sweep path. Does anyone have any information on the accuracy of the two methods?


              Jerry S.