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I need some input from the Experts on Hardware

Question asked by Mukesh Prasad on Jan 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by Mukesh Prasad

I am thinking of getting this workstation for my home use from this source and the Video card from the lower two links. The first card is a lot less than the last one and I was wondering if I really need to go to this extent and buy the more expensive one.

I will not be using this computer for any sort of analysis, just modelling use and sometimes working on some large assemblies with about 500 parts. I have not done any renderings but I plan to do some after I complete the Photo360 course  (Just basic renderings). My goal here is to work fast and not have to wait for long rebuilds.

One other question, is will either of these graphic card fit on the Workstation?


I currently have a Precision M6600 laptop for my office and I will be using this for the larger stuff and more detail work.