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Photoview not rendering materials correctly

Question asked by Wouter Scheublin on Jan 25, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by Tom Arthur

When I apply a material in Solidworks (2011 SP2.0) and open the Photoview Preview Window, the color appears slightly darker than should be. When opening the feature manager of the applied material, you can see the color in the Preview Window update to it's correct value. When closing Photoview and reopening the Preview Window,  colour is darkened again.


material white medium gloss plastic applied, then opened Preview Window. Material shows too dark:

sample screenshot01.jpg

On reopening material, it shows up correctly (brighter) in Preview Window:

sample screenshot02.jpg

This happens with all materials also in assemblies, so I have to launch the Photoview Preview Window and open every applied material one by one to update for a proper rendering result.


Most materials show a shade darker when not updated. Glass gives worse results. When I for instance apply a green glass and customize the color to blue, the glass still shows green in Photoview, unless I open the glass material again with Preview Window active.


Is this a bug in Photoview 2011? Please help.