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Question asked by Mike Morales on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by Tom Smith

I hope that I am not missing the point here, I have posted this in response to a few threads that I have left my feedback on and I would like to make sure I respectfuly ask the correct questions.


I am aware that Dassault Systems has recently acquired NetVibes and is using that acquisition to power Being as though NetVibes is a sort of aggregator of feeds syndicated on the Internet, is the intent of to keep solidworks users in the DS family? If so then my next question is a moot point. If not then is there currently a way to take the feed generated and subscribe to it via a reader already in use? I currently use google reader on any PC and when I go mobile I use flipbord or pulse. I live in these aggregators already and have many subscriptions through them. wen I add to my reader I get the feed from netvibes, not my.solidworks. Is this result intended?