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Edge Selection Frustration!

Question asked by David Stone on Jan 25, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by Christian Chu



Can someone advise if there are any settings/options to improve selection of geometry for dimensioning (not selection filter related).


I find that frequently I need a "laser-guided" mouse pointer to select edges in drawings (even when there is no other geometry within light years of the required edge) as either the first or second dimension reference.  Probably 50% of the time I click on what looks like the edge but end up locating the dimension at the point I clicked on.  This is very frustrating but not sure if this is a "bug" in SolidWorks or some kind of hardware issue.


  1. To confirm I'm not losing the plot , are other users experiencing this?
  2. Are there settings to improve the selection "intelligence" - i.e. if I'm within 2 microns of the required geometry on-screen, it selects the geometry rather than selecting nothing.


Thanks in advance for any advice.