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    Generating multiple, sequential file numbers at one time

    Brad B

      I'm wondering if it's possible in EPDM to take out multiple, sequential numbers at once. Mainly looking at AutoCAD files. Currently, we can create a new AutoCAD file, and the system assigns a file number to it. What I would like to do is take out a group of numbers (XXXXX1 - XXXXX12 for example) at one time.


      On a related note, is it also possible to copy a files data card to multiple drawings. For example, if you are going to have 10 drawings, which are almost identical except for one small thing, it would be nice to not have to fill in the same data on the data card 10 times. It would save a lot of time to be able to do it once, copy 9 times, and then make the minor changes on the individual cards. Is this possible?


      Thank you.

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          Michael Dekoning

          Reserving a batch of numbers at one time is not out of the box functionality. It could be done with some programming. Just curious how will you assign the numbers to files after the fact?


          You can use the Copy Tree function to copy the file along with the data in the card. However, you would have to do this 4 times to make 9 copies. Select original and Copy Tree, select those two files and Copy Tree, select those four files and Copy Tree and select two files and Copy Tree.

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              Brad B



              Thank you for the reply. I'm going to try out the Copy Tree function to see if that will solve the problem. It sounds like it might.


              As far as assigning numbers to the files, I'm trying to have them assigned by EPDM. I'm not sure if I'm explaining correctly. When we create a new drawing or part from the vault, a serial number is assigned to automatically. There are times when we would like a group of drawings to have sequential numbers, and some may not be used until later on. For example, at the begining of a particular job, we may want to set aside 50 drawings, in sequential order, for use on that job. Currently, we have to start each one individually, and the numbers may or may not be sequential, depending on the other people in the company also starting new parts. And it would save time by taking out a block of numbers at one time.


              I hope I'm explaining it a little better.

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              Craig Lalumiere

              If you want to push the same data to all the similar files you can make a variable in your folder card and push it to the files though a variable update.