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    From cad to finished part. How does your company do it?

    Steve Staehle

      ok im wondering how other companys go about designing a product and getting the information out to the shop to be created. at my work, we create "operation sheets" or "process sheets" describing how to machine the product. i create the model, make the op sheets as if it was a blueprint only showing certian details of what is being done and when. say if something with 4 sides all needing machining, i would have 4 op sheets each only showing information on a specific side. then these sheets go out tho the shop to get done. i hope you guys understand what im saying.


      what other ways do you do this process? just looking for new ideas to maybe speed up production and/or lower cost, ect ect. any input will be appreciated

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          Peter Farnham

          We don't usually go to that level detail of creating process sheets, as most of the information is already in on the drawing, such as tolerances, surface finish, etc..

          We then get a sample made to see if it meets the results that we want and add or remove information in the drawing if required.

          We leave the processsheet  information to the skill of the workers who know their machines, tooling and limitations and who then write their own process if it required.

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            Steve Staehle

            also should note, here we work on very detailed aerospace engine components

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                John Burrill

                Steve, I worked for a defense contractor and what documentation needed to be generated for each department was supposed to be the responsibility of the configuration management team-which was part of QC.  However, QC had no idea what the difference was between engineering documenents and manufacturing documents, so there was a lot of redundancy and there were also a lot of gaps.  Then they hired a new engineering supervisor to come in and he immediately began butting heads with the QC department head (somewhat justifiably too) and his idea was to simplify engineering documentation-have the drawings strictly for prototyping purposes and let the manufacturing engineers generate work instructions for for the floor to follow.  We outsourced all of our manufactured parts which meant our suppliers were building to engineering drawings, so those had to carry the design-related manufacturing characteristics.  It got to be a mess trying to get everyone on the same page when it came to BOM's and areas of responsibility. 

                The company I work for now-we use our engineering drawings for almost everything production related because we use a contract manufacturing company in china and don't have an ERP system to speak of.

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                Mark Kaiser

                We don't do aerospace.  We are an OEM, and do a lot of our own maching, outsource some machining, do final assemblies, outsource some assemblies.  We try to maintain the same standard (if that's the correct word), for our in house parts and outsourced.  We use engineering drawings, specify everything on the drawing to manufacture or assemble the part, as required by the process the part is being made.  The drawing is what we live and die by.  One drawing per part or assembly (and sub assemblies).  If an in house operator needs a process/operation sheet, they make it, we review it, then it is distributed to them. 


                I'm sure some of our suppliers make their own drawings of parts they supply us also, but if it's a critical part to us, we make a drawing and send it to them.