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Sheet metal - Auto creating SM-FLAT-PATTERN config in drawing

Question asked by Martin Miller on Jan 25, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2014 by Fred Vraj

Hi all,


I am having an issue when I am creating the drawings of the sheet metal parts I have created.


The part I am working on has several configs and I have created derived configs from all of these to model the flat patterns by unsuppressing the flat pattern and all children in the design tree.


The problem I am having is when I am adding in my flat pattern drawing view it is auto creating a new config derived from the flat pattern with the suffix "SM-FLAT-PATTERN" and using that config in its place.


Before it replaces my flat config with the SM-FLAT-PATTERN I am getting this error message:


bendnote error.PNG



Are these configs being auto created because I have not set up the bendnoteformat.txt?


My current solution to this problem is to change back the config to my original and to keep my model tidy I am going through and deleting all the new SM-FLAT-PATTERN configs which is terribly time consuming.


So any help would be greatly appreciated on this subject.


Thanks in advance