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Configuration Table Linked to Custom Properties

Question asked by Irving Hu on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by Jeremy Feist

Hey Community,


I have a part with 2 configurations; the only difference is one dimension.


I used a design table to control that dimension.


I created a custom property called 'Width' and used the design table to control that value as well. I linked this value with the dimension in the design table by making its value equal to the correlating cell.


Now I would like to make a table in my drawing that shows the configuration name and the correlating value for the width property.


I have done this where I link the value in the cells to the custom properties for the model specified in the sheet properties but this will not work for both configurations.

I cannot seem to link specific rows with specific configurations so that I can use the model view which the annotation is attached.


Any suggestions or is this something I must control manually?