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    Change sheet 1 of 1

    Ropanzer Ropanzer



      How can I change in the sheet format, the  "sheet 1 of 1" in "1/1" for exemple, but to remain automatic, so when I will add new page to have 1/2 and on the second page 2/2



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          Glenn Schroeder

          RMB on a blank part of your sheet (not on a drawing view) and choose "Edit sheet format" from the drop-down.  Double click on the "sheet 1 of 1" note, highlight of and type /RMB again and choose "Edit sheet" from the drop-down.  Save the sheet format when you get it like you want.

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              John Lhuillier

              You will need to edit the sheet like Glenn noted but if your not set up to automatically count the number of sheets you will need to edit your text string for the sheet number & total number of sheets. While creating the text string you'd pick the LINK TO PROPERTY tab in the NOTES window & then pick the arrow to expand the properties of the current document. Then you'd choose the SW-Current Sheet. Then type in the / & then select the LINK TO PROPERTY tab again & then expand the properties and pick SW-Total Sheets. Then save your sheet format & when you add a new sheet the total sheets will update as will the current sheet number too.


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              Jeremy Feist

              that will depend a bit on how you have your drawing template and sheet format set up.


              but assuming they were set up in the normal fashion, you go into the sheet format, edit that note, replace " of " (including the spaces) with "/".


              save the sheet format, and then update your drawing template to use the updated sheet format.