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can't get new custom property to show in drop down, when adding a column to the BOM

Question asked by Mike Lydon on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by Mike Lydon

OK, this is a little odd. I needed a new custom property for my assembly BOM (parts only). I went to my properties.txt file, added the property, went to the BOM, added a column, picked my new custom property from the drop down, all is good. I want to add another custom property. I go the (same) properties.txt file, add the new property, go to the BOM, add a column, look for the new property in the drop down.....nope. Not there. I will attach my properties.txt file. The first new property I added was Buy-Cut-Make. That one works fine. I added the new property "Dia.", (you can see it in the list), but it doesn't work. Any suggestions? I tried to get a screen shot of the drop down, but Alt/PrtScn only grabs the upper box with the Custom Property header and the drop down arrow. I can't get the drop down to show up.


Mike Lydon