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Defining 0,0,0 Datum When Exporting 2D DXF Files ???

Question asked by Roger Gossett on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by Roger Gossett

Currently one of our machining centers and our vision inspection machine require 2D .dxf files from our CAD. We are running Solid Works 2013. I can easily save a slddrw from a sldprt file but when I save the slddrw as a 2D dxf I am not able to define the datum of that drawing.  When the vision inspection machine opens the dxf file the part appears somewhere out in space.  When we produce our sldprt models we usually will use the same origin point as shown as 0,0,0 datum on the part print. We would like that datum to carry through for when the vision system opens the dxf.  Is this possible? Any assistance would be appreciated.